Construction Material Prices Cause Ups and Downs

Construction Material Price Issue

There have been many changes over the last year which have caused material prices for construction to be quite volatile. Regulation changes and the spree of natural disasters have contributed to difficulties in supply on many materials leading to prices being unstable.

Construction materials

What this means for builders

Because material prices are changing so frequently, contractors are having difficulty guaranteeing prices for construction on projects that are months away from starting. And prices for construction have risen far more than contractors can charge for a project. This causes contractors, and sub-contractors, to be careful about the jobs they take. Which in turn causes builders difficulty getting a contractor at a good price.

How We Deal With The Changes

Here at Pikul Inc, we put in extra work to keep our prices reasonable. We self-perform when we can and we spend time looking for sub-contractors that meet our price-quality standards. We see the effects of the material price shifts when looking for bids. Bids from sub-contractors are all over the map at the moment. Because of this we always do our homework on anyone we work with so that we find the best price and service for our clients. We understand that doing business in construction can be challenging at times. But its what we love so its what we do.

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